#27 – 40 Days of Kindness, Devotion & Prayer

Monday, March 12, 2018

Read Matthew 6:13

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”


As a young man I was driving west and exited the highway for gas just after dark. I was approaching St. Louis from the east. Oddly, the gas stations were boarded up, so I drove a little further off the highway, assuming these stations were under construction. I made a few turns, looking for lights and signs, and then all of a sudden it was real dark and everything was boarded up. I was in East St. Louis – a very rough area. It was eerily dark and not under construction, but a destructive, dangerous place. There was no gas, no light, and every reason for me not to be there. Realizing my error and feeling the danger, I rapidly reversed course and got back to the highway.

In just a few wrong turns, unwittingly we can find ourselves in a dangerous place. Jesus is encouraging us to pray for God’s protection to keep us from entering into temptation and the realm of evil.

Our heavenly Father does not tempt us, nor lead us to evil. However, should we fail to honor him (v.9), heed his priorities (v.10), depend upon him (v.11), and grow bitter through un-forgiveness (v.12), then, having abandoned his highway, we may find ourselves standing in the midst of evil. It happens unintentionally by not intentionally following the plain path and plan presented by the Savior.


Our Father, help us not to lean on our own understanding or to assume our ways are better than yours. Give us the grace to remain in your love and keep your commandments and know the joy of the journey with you. AMEN.


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