40 Days of Kindness & Prayer, the Lord’s Way

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Read Matthew 6:11

Give us this day our daily bread.


I have not recently awoken hungry or wondered where my next meal will come from. I have cupboards full and Kroger is a virtual international harvest field at my disposal.  However, those living in the Ancient Near East, at the time of Jesus, would have well understood hunger, poverty, and the radical need to harvest food, kill dinner or simply capture water to survive the day.

I cannot fathom the depth of labor it took simply to survive on a daily basis. That’s likely why the Israelites doubted they could take a day off to enjoy a Sabbath rest. But indeed God commanded they do so to rest their bodies and strengthen their faith in his willing ability to provide what they need.

Our need certainly is food, daily. But even more than food, we have a radical daily dependence on Jesus Christ, who says: “I am the bread of life.” This day, we need that bread more than ever. Our bellies may be full and we may be unable to relate to food hunger, but Jesus I am dependent on you for living water and the bread of life, now.


Father, give us this bread, the life, the light, the way, the truth, the hope, the satisfaction that is Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and Sustainer. Give HIM to us in abundance this day, AMEN.



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