40 Days of Prayer & Devotion #24

Friday, March 9, 2018

Read Matthew 6:10

9“Pray, then, in this way …. 10‘Your kingdom come.
            Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.


Most of the world looks to God not to follow him, but in hopes that HE will get with the program. Our program! You know the program, a 15 second prayer for the job we want, or a raise, or an “A” on the test, to close the sale, to win the game, to have order in the house, the kids to obey, or life just to be fun, for me. All that can be prayed in under 15 seconds. And all we expect is for God to get his will in line with our kingdom.

Oddly, our heavenly Father seems all to willing to let us chase our kingdom. Like a dog chasing it’s tail, we can spend a lot of energy pursuing something that will not satisfy us. Only when we collapse in exhaustion, panting in thirst do then listen well to the Master.

Jesus invites us to seek God’s kingdom. Jesus pointedly suggests that we seek God’s priorities, not our own urgencies. The implication is God’s priorities are better for us than our own. The promise is that our Father’s kingdom priorities will bring us the most satisfaction as well. For what will it profit/satisfy me to gain the world and miss the blessing God has for me? Do I trust his will is perfect and his design for the cosmos more glorious than mine? Even in this day, in the next hour?

Before we start chasing our plans this day, could we, together, ask the God who created the cosmos and set us here with purpose and intentionality, to bring our wills and our priorities in line with his?  For our good.


Father, I want to follow you. Lead me, lead us according to your will. I surrender to you and your kingdom now, and welcome your plans and priorities. AMEN.


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